Scenario 15 : How he introduces you to the fans

    Jai: He does a twitcam and you and him are cuddling on his couch and when everyone starts to ask who you are he says “This is my beautiful girlfriend (y/n), I  love her and you should too. ” and he leans in and kisses you.

    James: For a while now he’s been posting selfies with you both and he always tweets you cute things. So during a #AskJames sesh a fan ask ” Is the girl in your selfies your girlfriend? ” and he responds ” Yes, Shes my wonderful girlfriend <3 “ 

    Daniel: All the Australian janoskianators have been spotting you and Daniel sneeking around together and finally he decides its time he tells the fans. So he decides to get a fan to record his announcement. You and him stand together as a fan takes out her phone and pushes record. ” Hello janoskianators- ” he begins ” My name is Daniel, and this sexy girl right here, is my girlfriend.” He pulls you close to him and kisses you softly on the lips. “Yalla” he says and you both walk away hand in hand.

    Beau : There has been endless speculations about you and your “friend” Beau, whom you’ve been secretly going out with for the past 6 months. You two are cuddling on the couch one day and he turns to you and says ” I think its time we tell everyone about, well us. ” You nod in agreement. And he takes out his phone, opening the Keek app. ” Hello fellow keekers I’m making this keek to introduce you all to someone near and dear to my heart.” He turns the camera at you and you smile and wave hello. ” This, is my girlfriend, (y/n). Yes, we’re going out and Yes I love her.” He leans into kiss you right at the 36 seconds is up.

    Luke: Luke and you have been keeping your relationship a secret for about a year now. He’s not told the fans because he doesn’t want you to get any hate. You’ve finally convinced him that you can take the haters and he’s decided to introduce you at a daresundays live. ff/ All the boys file onto the stage and you’re waiting in the side for Luke to introduce you. All the boys go down the line and now its Lukes’ turn. ” Hey, Well obviously I’m Luke and uh- I’m better than Jai.” The crowd laughed and Luke cleared his throat. ” Well, guys I know you came here to see the daresundays live but, before we get to that I want to introduce you to a very, very good friend of mine. ” He gestures for you to come to him and you do. He wraps his arm around you and kisses you. ” Guys this is my girlfriend (y/n), I’ve wanted to tell you about her for so long. She’s really incredible and I hope you fall in love with her as much as I have.”

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    Posted on Sunday, 26 August
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